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How do I fit and change the blade?
Joe's Assistant
1 months ago
  1. Rotate the blade lock knob clockwise to unlock
  2. Wearing gloves, grasp the removable blade and pull it from the pruner to remove it
  3. Insert the new blade into position, and listen for the audible "click" that indicates that the blade is fixed in place
  4. Lock the blade lock knob by turning it counter-closewise, and listen for the audible "click" that indicates the knob is locked in position

NOTE: Cutting will become difficult when the blade edge has become dull, at which time you should change the blade.

WARNING! Use only recommended replacement blade.

WARNING! Make sure that the pruner is off and always wear protective gloves while changing the blade.

WARNING! Risk of injury; keep hands away from the switches when changing the blade.

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