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How do I go about replacing mower blade on my MJ401C-XR after determining it needs to be replaced?
Snow Joe Logo Joe's Assistant
56 months ago

IMPORTANT: Only use original replacement parts specified for this mower.

You can purchase a replacement blade (Model MJ401C-BLD) by visiting us online at snowjoe.com or calling our toll-free customer service helpline at 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563).

  1. Disconnect the safety key to the mower.
  2. Turn the mower on its side to expose the underside of the blade housing.
  3. Use a cloth to grip the blade or wear heavy-duty gloves.
  4. Using the spanner provided, remove the bolt and the washer securing the blade by turning the bolt counterclockwise, then carefully remove the blade
  5. Fit the new blade, the washer and the bolt back on following the same steps in reverse order
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