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How do I maintain and store my AJV1000 Handheld Vacuum?
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16 months ago

Cleaning the dust tank:

  1. Take the unit outside to clean it to avoid creating a mess indoors.
  2. Remove and empty the dust tank. Clean the tank with water and allow it to dry completely.

Cleaning/Changing The Filter:

  1. Remove and empty the dust tank. Lift the HEPA filter up from the dust tank.
  2. Clean the filter by gently tapping or brushing dirt off.
  3. If needed, rinse the filter with clean water. Allow the filter to air dry for 24 hours before installing onto the vacuum.
  4. If the filter is torn and cannot be used anymore, insert a new filter into the dust tank and attach the dust tank onto the vacuum.

NOTE: Replacement filters are available for purchase (Model AJV1000-FILTER)


  1. Examine the cordless handheld vacuum thoroughly for worn, loose or damaged parts.
  2. Examine the HEPA filter thoroughly for signs of excess wear or damage. If it is worn or damaged, replace it immediately.
  3. Store the handheld vacuum with the vacuum cap on indoors in a clean, dry and locked location out of the reach of children and animals.
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