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How do I power and charge appliances?
Snow Joe Logo Joe's Assistant
16 months ago
  1. Mount battery pack(s) securely in any battery compartment(s). The power station can work with 1 - 4 battery pack(s) to provide different power output. NOTE: For optimum performance, fully charge all batteries before use.
  2. Press the On/Off button to turn on the power station. The power station will be in self-check mode for less than 1 second. Then the LCD screen will be in standby mode. NOTE: If the working battery status icon doesn't recognize any inserted batteries, remove the batteries and reinsert.
  3. Connect the devices you want to power or charge into the power station's USB receptacle and/or AC receptacle. The corresponding USB working status icon will light up on the LCD screen when there's devices connected to any of the USB receptacles.
  4. During discharge mode, the working battery status icon will flash to indicate which battery is currently working. Other stand-by battery pack(s)'s icon will lit up. The LCD screen will also show the remain power capacity in percentage and the current output.
  5. After using, disconnect the devices from the power station, and then press the On/Off button to shut off the power station.
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