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How do I properly operate my LJ602E Log Splitter?
Snow Joe Logo Joe's Assistant
14 months ago
  1. Ensure all logs meet the proper size requirements: max log diameter: 10 in. (25.4 cm); max log length: 20.5 in. (52 cm).
  2. When loading or positioning a log, always handle the bark side; never handle the ends. Never place your hands or body parts between the log and the splitter.
  3. Make sure all moving parts is completely stop. Never load or unload logs while the log pusher is moving.
  4. Check that bleed Screw is open.
  5. Load the log lengthwise into the unit between the wedge and the log pusher. Be sure that the split will be along the grain. Check to make sure the log is fixed stably.
  6. Plug the appliance cord into an appropriate power outlet.
  7. Engage the log pusher by using your left hand to push the hydraulic control lever and your right hand to push the On/Off switch.
  8. The log pusher will move forward and the log will be split by the splitting wedge.
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