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How do I properly operate my Log Splitter?
Snow Joe Logo Joe's Assistant
16 months ago
  1. Ensure all logs meet the proper size requirements: (max log diameter: 8 inch (20.3 cm); max log length: 18 inch (46 cm); min log length: 13.5 inch (34.3 cm).
  2. When loading or positioning a log, always handle the bark side; never handle the ends. Never place your hands or body parts between the log and the splitter.
  3. Never load or unload logs while the ram is moving.
  4. Do not pile logs to be split in a place where you need to reach across the splitter in order to load them.
  5. Log ends need to be cut square (at a 90° angle) so that they do not slide out when splitting and cause a safety hazard, and so that they do not exert excessive force on the log splitter components. Use a chain saw (not included) to cut the logs ends square before attempting to split them.
  6. Never attempt to split more than one log at a time. A piece of a log can unexpectedly be thrown from the machine, which can result in severe personal injury.
  7. Do not use if there is any indication of damage to the hydraulic cylinder.
  8. Do not use the splitter to split logs across the grain or against the bark. Doing so will damage the log splitter and could cause log pieces to be thrown, injuring the operator or bystanders.
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