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How do I properly use the shearing blade?
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12 months ago
  1. Pay attention when performing work close to trees and bushes. The cutting device can damage sensitive bark, and damage fence posts.
  2. Do not move the product too fast as this will result in ineffective cutting and possible damage.
  3. Walk, never run, when using the product with the telescope pole.
  4. Cut repeatedly from up and down in layers when the grass is very high.
  5. Keep the cutting device at an angle of about 10° to the ground when shearing. Avoid touching the ground as this can ruin the lawn and damage the product.
  6. Let the cutting device do the work. Let it work at its own pace, never press it into the area to be cut.
  7. Carefully maneuver the product around objects, such as trees and bushes, ensuring it does not come into contact with them. Avoid that the cutting device comes in contact with sensitive plants
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