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How do I prune a tree?
Joe's Assistant
1 months ago

Pruning is the process of trimming limbs from a live tree.

  1. Remove long branches in several stages.
  2. Cut lower branches first to allow the top branches more room to fall.
  3. When pruning trees, it is important not to make the finishing cut next to the main limb or trunk until you have cut off the farthest lying limb. This will reduce the weight and prevent stripping the bark from the main member.
  4. Under cut the branch 1/3 through for your first cut. Your second cut should over cut to drop the branch off. Be prepared to balance the weight of the pole chain saw when the limb falls.
  5. Now make your finishing cut from the topside of the branch smoothly and neatly against the main member so the bark will grow back to seal the wound.
  6. Release the trigger ON/OFF switch as soon as the cut is completed. Failure to follow proper cutting procedures will result in the bar and chain binding and becoming pinched or trapped in the limb.
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