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How does the SPX3000® XTREAM differ from the original SPX3000® Model?
Joe's Assistant
32 months ago

The SPX3000® XTREAM is a modern update to our fan-favorite SPX3000® with exclusive XTREAM Triple-Action Cleaning Power (XTREAM Foaming, XTREAM Cleaning and XTREAM Rinsing) to really fight dirty! New features include more power (2200 MAX PSI at initial discharge per CSA internal pressure testing) to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs, a superior build for enhanced durability (including a 20-ft steel-reinforced high-pressure hose, full-size brass fittings, all-metal connections and a stainless steel lance), and a built-in foamer cannon to aerate detergent and shoot it up to 15 ft for superior coverage and unmatched adhesion to scour away sticky, underlying layers of surface grime. The SPX3000® XTREAM exclusive TV offer also comes packed with a 3-Year Warranty, Wheel/Rim Brush, and Utility Bristle Brush.

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