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How should I maintain and care for my Electric Snow Blower?
Snow Joe Logo Joe's Assistant
16 months ago
  1. Do not attempt to repair the machine unless you have the proper tools and instructions for disassembly and repair of the machine.
  2. Check bolts and screws at frequent intervals for proper tightness to ensure that the equipment is in safe working condition.
  3. After each snow removal session, run the snow thrower for a few minutes to prevent the collector/impeller from freezing. Shut off the motor, wait for all revolving parts to stop completely, and wipe residual ice and snow off the unit. Rotate the chute crank several times to remove any excess snow.
  4. Only use a cloth soaked with hot water and a soft brush to clean the snow thrower; never wet or spray water on the machine!
  5. Do not use detergent or solvents as these could cause irreparable damage to the snow thrower. Chemicals can destroy the plastic parts.
  6. To protect the snow thrower from corrosion when storing for long periods, lightly oil the metal parts.
  7. Store the appliance in a dry area out of reach of children.
  8. For the user's safety, worn or damaged parts must be replaced. Replace with original replacement parts only. Parts from another snow thrower may not fit properly, causing an unsafe situation.
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