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How should I maintain and store my Garden Utility Wagon?
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16 months ago


  • In the event that the utility wagon needs cleaning, empty all debris from the wagon completely and use a damp cloth to wipe clean. Do not use chemicals to clean this product. The base plate cannot be washed. Clean base plate with a damp cloth only. Air dry.


  1. Once all items have been removed from the wagon, take out base plate and put aside.
  2. Release the locking collar on the adjustable handle by sliding it upward. Turn the locking collar counter-clockwise and fold the handle down.
  3. Pull the handle in the center of the wagon bed upward to collapse the wagon.
  4. Wrap the velcro strap around the collapsed wagon to make it tight and secure.
  5. Place the storage bag over the collapsed wagon, buckle the strap underneath and zip up the bag. Store the folded base plate in the pocket of the storage bag.

CAUTION! Use caution when folding and unfolding the wagon as there is a pinch hazard on the frame.

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