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How should I prepare materials before using my Cordless Paint Sprayer?
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15 months ago

The material being used may need to be thinned (diluted) with the proper solvent as specified by the material manufacturer. After thinning the material, use the viscosity cup included to test the viscosity of the material. Follow the instruction below for proper testing the viscosity.

  1. Stir the spraying material thoroughly before measuring viscosity
  2. Dip the viscosity cup completely into the spraying material and make sure the cup is filled with the material. Hold the cup with material over the container, measure the amount of time in seconds it takes for the stream of the material flowing out to "break" or stop being a constant stream out of the bottom of the cup. This is the Runout Time
  3. For proper runout time of specific material, refer the thinning table below:
Thinning Table
Material Reference Runout Time
Oil enamel 25-40 seconds
Oil based primer 30-45 seconds
Latex No thinning required
Oil stain No thinning required
Clear sealer No thinning required
Polyurethane No thinning required
Varnish 20-50 seconds
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