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How should packages of MELT Calcium Chloride Crystals be stored?
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59 months ago
MELT Calcium Chloride Crystals are both hygroscopic and deliquescent. This means that the product can absorb moisture from the air, even to the point of converting to liquid brine. For this reason, protecting solid calcium chloride from excessive moisture exposure is the primary requirement to maintain product quality while in storage.

MELT Calcium Chloride Crystals should be stored in a dry place. Avoid storing in areas where product leakage could cause damage. Some types of bags (i.e. valve closure bags) do not seal well if stored standing on end and should be stored lying flat. Opened packages should be tightly resealed after each use to prevent caking and liquid brine formation that may result from exposure to humid air.

Palletized product covered by an intact plastic shroud may be stored outdoors on a well-drained asphalt or concrete surface. If the shroud is torn, pierced or removed, the palletized product should be stored indoors or under a waterproof covering. Products packaged in drums or FIBCs (aka. Super Sacks or Big Bags) are typically not shrouded. Therefore, these packages should be stored indoors or under a waterproof covering.

MELT Calcium Chloride Crystals are temperature-stable under all ambient storage conditions.

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