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How to achieve greater throw distance? / My iON is not throwing the snow very far.
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53 months ago

Your iON18SB Snow Blower is capable of throwing snow up to 20 feet!


To achieve the greatest possible throw distance, here are few quick tips to follow:

  1. Always throw as much snow as possible. Your iON performs best with 4" to 10" of snowfall.
  2. If throwing less than 4" of snow, push your iON faster to feed the most snow into the intake as possible.
  3. Keep the discharge chute as straight forward and centered as possible. This allows for the easiest route for snow to launch through the chute, meaning the snow will fly farther and with more velocity.
  4. If throwing snow to the side, only turn the discharge chute as much as necessary to launch the snow out of your path of travel. Keeping the discharge chute as forward as possible creates less resistance for the snow to fly, resulting in greater throw distances.
  5. Keep the discharge chute deflector angled up and as high as possible. This ensures the path of least resistance for the snow to fly.
  6. Fresh snow will always fly farther than old snow. The older the snow, the more likely it is to become wet, icy, or compacted, making it harder to throw long distances.
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