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My Cordless Dethatcher is not operating properly, what do I do?
Joe's Assistant
1 months ago
Problem Possible Cause Possible Solution
Motor does not start
  • Batteries are not inserted properly
  • Batteries are flat
  • Other electrical defect to the product
  • Safety lock button is not pressed
  • Reinsert the batteries
  • Charge the batteries
  • Contact an authorized service agent
  • Press safety lock button first, then the start/stop lever
Product does not reach full power
  • Batteries are almost flat
  • Air vents are blocked
  • Charge the batteries
  • Clean the air vents
Unsatisfying result
  • Cutting device worn
  • Scarified material exceeds capacity
  • Scarifying depth is incorrect
  • Replace the tine cylinder
  • Only scarify materials according to capacity of the product
  • Adjust depth
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My Cordless Dethatcher is not operating properly, what do I do?

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