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My LJ602E Log Splitter is not functioning properly, what do I do?
Joe's Assistant
1 months ago
Problem Possible Causes Recommended Remedy
Motor does not run
  • Overload protection device disengaged to protect the log splitter from being damaged
  • Contact a qualified electrician for opening the switch box to engage the overload protection device inside
The machine fails to split logs
  • Log is improperly positioned
  • The sizes or hardness of the log exceeds the capacity of the machine
  • Wedge cutting edge is blunt
  • Oil leaks
  • Unauthorized adjustment was made on Max. Pressure Limiting Screw. Lower max pressure rating was set
  • Reload the log
  • Reduce the log size
The log pusher moves jerkily, generating unusual noise or vibrating a lot
  • Lack of hydraulic oil and excessive air in the hydraulic system
  • Check oil level. Refill the hydraulic oil if needed
Oil leaks around the ram or from other points
  • Air sealed in hydraulic system while operating
  • Bleed screw is not tightened before moving the log splitter
  • Oil drain bolt with dipstick is not tightened
  • Hydraulic control valve assembly and/or seal(s) is worn
  • Loosen bleed screw by 3 ~ 4 rotations before operating the log splitter
  • Tighten the bleed screw up before moving the log splitter
  • Tighten the oil drain bolt with dipstick


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My LJ602E Log Splitter is not functioning properly, what do I do?

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