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My Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum is not working properly, what do I do?
Snow Joe Logo Joe's Assistant
16 months ago
Problem Possible Cause Possible Solution
Device does not start
  • Mains voltage is not present
  • The equipment is not switched ON
  • The collection tank is full
  • Defective appliance cord or ON/OFF switch
  • Defective motor
  • Check power supply – cord, breakers, fuses. If damage is found, contact a qualified electrician to repair
  • Switch on the equipment
  • Empty the collection tank
Dust comes out from motor cover
  • The HEPA filter is missing or damaged
  • There is a blockage in the nozzle, hose, or air inlet. The HEPA filter is clogged by fine dust
  • Attach or replace the HEPA filter
  • Check the unit for blockage. Clean or replace the HEPA filter


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