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What are the best uses for SWJ803E Pole Chain Saw?
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59 months ago
  • Cut hanging branches over walkways and entranceways
  • Get rid of branches too close to your roof to protect your home in advance of weather hazards
  • Safely trim limbs hanging in rain gutters to prevent clogging and damage
  • Trim away overgrown branches on trees to beautify your property and create a cleaner, brighter and more spacious outdoor living space
  • Cut branches that block sunlight from nourishing your garden and flower beds
  • As a quicker and safer alternative to using a ladder and a hand saw
  • Protect ground level amenities (e.g. clear space over your swing-set, remove hazards from above your carport, prevent debris from littering your pool, etc.)
  • Instead of a traditional chainsaw to cut bundles of branches or clean up broken tree limbs
  • No need for a smoke mask, ear protection, gas can, gasoline, 2-cycle oil, ethanol-shield fuel additive, carburetor clean-out, sparkplug replacement, and seasonal fuel preservatives and stabilizers (a one-time fuel savings alone of at least $25)
  • Avoid renting a bucket lift, scissor lift, or boom lift to safely reach tall limbs
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