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What are the best uses for the different multi-spray nozzle patterns?
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14 months ago

The multi-spray nozzle has 5 different spray patterns:

  • Shower pattern - Light Cleaning and watering plants.
  • 40° - Wide-spray spray pattern to clean items such as cars, trucks, boats, patio furniture, or lawn equipment.
  • 25° - Fan-tip spray pattern to clean home siding, brick patios, wood decks, driveways, or sidewalks. When using this spray pattern, test a small area first to avoid surface damage.
  • 0+ - For intense cleaning jobs on hard surfaces. Applications include stripping paint, removing oil stains, grease, heavy mildew stains, and rust from steel. This pattern should only be used in areas that can withstand the high-pressure from this pattern.
  • - Delivers a high-pressure, pencilpoint jet stream. It is used to cut heavy dirt deposits in a small, concentrated area. It is ideal for dissolving stubborn substances, like tar and grease spots on concrete, or for removing caked mud from equipment. Use this pattern to clean hard-to-reach areas including the facades of 2-story buildings or the undersides of lawn mowers and tractors.
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