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What are the detection modes?
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16 months ago

The metal detector has three detection modes: All Metals, DISC and Pinpoint.

ALL METALS – All target categories are enabled. Use this mode to find all metal items. This is on by default.

DISC – Stands for discrimination. Users can filter out one or more target-IDs from the detection readings.

  1. Press the setting button twice to enter DISC mode. The first frame should start flashing.
  2. Use the adjustment buttons to select the target-ID. Press the "up" arrow to go right, and the "down" arrow to go left.
  3. Press the DISC button, the frame will be crossed off to show that the target-ID has been filtered out. Do the same for any other target-ID you do not wish to detect.
  4. Once you have configured your DISC mode, press the enter button to confirm the change.
  5. To re-enable a target-ID that has been filtered out, reselect it using steps 1 & 2 then press the DISC button. The frame will no longer be crossed off, and detection will resume for that target-ID.

PINPOINT – Used to pinpoint the location and depth of buried objects.

  1. After locating a possible buried item, press the pinpoint button. The pinpoint indicator will appear on screen.
  2. Slowly move the search coil above the search area using the audible tones and depth indicator to pinpoint the location of the buried object.
  3. Press the pinpoint button again to disable pinpoint mode.
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