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What do the status indicators mean on my Portable Powered Inverter?
Joe's Assistant
1 months ago

The power button is equipped with a LED light which serves as a status indicator. Check below for different status indicated by the LED.

  • Solid Green Light – The inverter is in normal operating condition.
  • Blinking Green Light – The battery power is dropping. Stop the inverter and charge the battery as soon as possible.
  • Solid Red Light – The battery is flat. Check the battery charge level with the battery charge level indicator. Charge the battery as needed. If the situation continues, there's something wrong with the battery. Change the battery and try again.
  • Blinking Red Light – The inverter may be overloaded or overheated. Turn off the inverter, disconnect all the devices and wait for the inverter to cool down. Make sure the battery pack is sufficiently charged to power the devices, then press the power button to reset the inverter. Reconnect the devices and try again. If the fault condition immediately reoccurs, the current load exceeds the capacity of the inverter.
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