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What jobs can I do with my SharperBlade?
Joe's Assistant
26 months ago

Weed Whacker blade – groom your lawn’s edge; trim spots where your mower can’t reach. Cut grass or weeds along fences, without ever having to replace string or other parts, again. Cut around rock walls, wood decks and concrete walks, easier than ever before.
 Lawn Mower blade – cut your grass with the peace-of-mind knowing that you won’t ever have to sharpen your blade again, and won’t cut unseen objects in you lawn, like garden hoses or electrical cords. Also, the polymer construction won’t create sparks that can cause a fire.

Edger blade – groom your lawn’s edge without ever damaging your cement, brick or stone walks again. The SharperBlade won’t damage plastic sprinkler heads, either. No more worrying about sparks or chips flying up to hit you or bystanders, or cause a fire.

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