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What's the best way to use my RJ208M Roof Rake?
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13 months ago
  1. Make sure the roof rake is securely connected. Starting with the first 1- 2 feet of snow on the lower edge of the roof, place the frame at the lower roof edge with the terylene slide hanging down. Slowly roll the frame up the roof. The terylene slide will follow under the snow. The snow will slide down the slide
  2. After the lowest part of the roof is cleared, connect pole extensions and continue with the higher part of the roof. It’s recommended to clear 5 ft at a time using upward strokes and moving laterally across the roof. Repeat these steps until you’ve reached the peak of the roof or all of the pole extensions are used
  3. After using, clear the residual snow from the roof rake, and roll up the terylene slide with the hand crank

NOTE: Only connect the minimum number of pole extensions needed to reach the edge of the roof. This will minimize the weight of the roof rake and reduce the effort required in the initial stage.

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