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What's the best way to use the attachments included with my Steamer?
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15 months ago
  • Large Cleaning Brush - can be used with or without the cotton cloth. It can be used to clean large areas of surfaces such as upholstery, ceramic, stone, parquet, marble, granite, linoleum and carpet
    • To attach the cotton cloth to the unit, lay it on a flat surface and place the large cleaning brush over it. Press and hold down on one of the brush's clips and fold an end of the cloth under the clip. Release the clip to secure the cloth in place. Repeat on the other side. To detach, hold each clip open to release the cloth
  • Jet Nozzle - disinfect bathroom and kitchen fixtures and small areas
  • Squeegee - clean bathroom shower doors, walls, fireplace doors, windows and tiles. The rubber blade on the squeegee can be used to scrape away the dirt and grime that the steam has loosened. Do not use on glass when temperature is below 32° F (0° C), glass may crack in cold temperatures
  • Steam Plate - only to remove wallpaper. For best results, use a putty knife or scoring tool to lightly score the wallpaper in a crisscross pattern before steaming. The perforations will help steam to penetrate the wallpaper. To remove, hold the steam plate flat against the scored wallpaper. Hold down the trigger for 15-20 seconds. Repeat this process in sections and remove the steamed section with a scraper blade.
  • Nylon Brush - use in hard-to-reach areas like grout and around sink and bathroom faucets.
  • Copper Brush - use to remove grease and grime from on grills and ovens
  • Extensions - help with floor cleaning and to reach into higher or narrower areas

NOTE: All accessories use different amounts of steam. For example, cleaning with the trigger gun uses less water than removing wallpaper with the steam plate. Using less water will provide a longer steam time.

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