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Will the SharperBlade LAWN MOWER BLADE fit on my RIDING mower?
Snow Joe Logo Joe's Assistant
40 months ago

Yes. The SharperBlade has a "universal" construction, to mount on virtually every make and model. The SharperBlade Mower Blades will replace steel blade sizes 17" to 22". You'll begin by receiving a 22" SharperBlade Mower Blade. Then, if necessary, you may need to size it.

Here's how: 

  1. Measure your existing steel blade. If your steel blade is 22", your SharperBlade is ready to mount. 
  2. If your steel blade is 21" to 17", in length, then locate the appropriate "cut" lines on the SharperBlade. 
  3. With your garden sheers, cut along the appropriate "cut" lines at each end. Your SharperBlade is ready to mount. 
  4. You will use your existing bracket(s) and bolt(s) to secure your SharperBlade to your mower.
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