Aqua Joe Hose Powered Foamer Cannon Car Wash Kit | Includes Hose Powered Foam Cannon, PRO Hose, and Auto Foam Car Wash Soap
Product Description

SPRAY YOUR WAY! Transform your garden hose into a 2-in-1 wash station with the Hose-Powered Car Wash Sprayer + Foamer Cannon from AQUA JOE! Our Car Wash Kit lets you get started right away with everything you need to get your car spotless this season: includes the AJ-SPXN Hose Powered Foamer Cannon, 50-Foot Aqua Joe PRO Hose with Metal Fittings, and 1 Gallon of Snow Foam Car Wash Soap.

AQUA JOE’s 2-in-1 sprayer quickly and easily converts to a foam cannon for a rich, thick lather to remove stubborn dirt, grease and grime from your car's finish. Simply fill with your favorite soapy solution, attach your garden hose and spray up to 16-feet away! The foam cannon nozzle sprays at a 25º angle to quickly cover dirt, dust and debris, with a thick, rich lather of foam. Then, simply swap attachments to rinse it all away for a supreme clean! Plus, with the included Premium Snow Foam, enjoy the tropical scent of Pineapples as you deliver an unparalleled shine! AQUA JOE features convenient one-handed operation — just squeeze the trigger like a hose nozzle, and use the thumb control dial to adjust water flow from light rinse to heavy soak. The included Quick Connect sprayer nozzle adjusts from 0º to 65º with just a twist to switch from pinpoint jet to gentle fan spray, perfect for delicate paint jobs and stubborn grime alike. Plus, every AQUA JOE foam cannon and hose is backed by our complete two year warranty, for worry-free operation. So, give your garden hose an upgrade and your car a sparkling new shine with the Hose-Powered Car Wash Sprayer + Foamer Cannon from AQUA JOE!


  • Includes AJ-SPXN Hose Powered Foamer Cannon, AJFJH50-58-PRO FiberJacket Hose with Metal Fittings, and SPX-FCS1G 1-Gallon Pineapple Scent Auto Foam Car Wash Soap
  • Foamer Cannon quickly converts your standard garden hose to a car was sprayer and foam cannon
  • Foamer Cannon holds up to 23 fl oz of your preferred detergent solution
  • Mix detergents in a 1:10 ratio for the perfect, viscous foam
  • Foamer Cannon fits standard garden hose
  • FiberJacket PRO Hose is BPA, Lead, and Phthalate-free
  • FiberJacket PRO Hose is rip and abrasion resistant while also being safe for delicate surfaces
  • FiberJacket PRO Hose maintains flexibility down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Pineapple Scent Auto Foam is safe for wax and sealant and is biodegradable