NISAKU NJP1010 NEJIRI HOE Japanese Stainless Steel Long Handle Hoe, 4.5-Inch Blade
Product Description

The Nisaku Japanese Stainless Steel Nejiri Hoe is an excellent addition to anyone's collection of outdoor tools. Made from stainless steel, the blade durable and strong to withstand heavy use. The long handle is great for reaching far distances and avoiding back strain.

  • The Nisaku Japanese Stainless Steel Long Nejiri Hoe is a strong, tough tool imported from Japan that is great for gardeners and landscapers alike
  • Made from Japanese stainless steel, ensuring its durability and strength for any outdoor project
  • Efficient long-handled design and sharpness of the blade is highly effective in cutting through weeds, soil, and more
  • Blade Size: 4.5 inches; Handle Size: wood, 41.5 inches; Weight: 16.9 oz.
  • Made in Japan. Authentic Nisaku/Tomita Manufacturing. Exclusively Distributed by Snow Joe, LLC 
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