24V-HSEC-LTE Sun Joe Cordless Hand Chainsaw with bonus chain
24V-HSEC-LTE Sun Joe Cordless Hand Chainsaw with bonus chain
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Sun Joe Cordless Hand Chainsaw with blade guard
24V-HSEC-LTE Sun Joe Cordless Hand Chainsaw with bonus chain
24V-HSEC-LTE Sun Joe Cordless Hand Chainsaw with bonus chain


Sun Joe 24V-HCSEC-LT 24-Volt* IONMAX Cordless Handheld Chainsaw | 5-inch Pruning Saw Kit | W/ 2.5-Ah Battery, Charger, and Bonus Chain

*Initial no-load voltage, at full charge, peaks at 24V; nominal voltage with typical load is 21.6V

Product Description

SEE IT? SAW IT WITH SUN JOE! The Sun Joe® 24V-HCEC-LT IONMAX Cordless Handheld 5-inch Chain Saw is ultra-compact and lightweight at just 5½ pounds, yet it’s an ultra-powerful saw that quickly trims overgrown branches and lifeless limbs. No more tangled cords, or wrestling with heavy gas chainsaws. Forget the stress and strain of squeezing manual pruners. And why work so hard with a handsaw? Because now there’s a much better way. A cordless, convenient way. An easy, super-fast, super-powerful way that makes it simpler than ever to trim, saw, cut, and power prune like a pro.


Sun Joe’s 5-inch handheld chainsaw quickly cuts through branches, thatch and shrubs up to 4½ inches thick with plenty of power and runtime, thanks to Sun Joe’s exclusive 24-Volt* IONMAX battery technology. Plus, built-in safety features like the riving knife to prevent kickback, a knuckle-guard handle, and a safety switch to avoid accidental starts – let you cut with confidence. When you Go With Joe®, you get the cordless freedom to tackle your toughest trimming tasks.


Sun Joe takes the pain out of pruning: the secret is Triple-Action Pruning Power. Sun Joe’s 230-Watt brushless motor cuts cooler, quieter and longer than traditional motors – so you can easily maintain tree health, improve your yard’s appearance, and avoid safety issues like falling limbs. Sun Joe provides a clean, precise cut every time with just a squeeze of the trigger – ideal for green or woody stems, twigs, limbs, branches, firewood, and even plywood! No more tugging, no more straining – just cord-free, gas-free, hassle-free power and convenience. Also included with purchase is a bonus chain, along with Sun Joe's rock solid 2-Year Warranty to ensure that you'll keep going season after season. So, prune like a PRO and Go With Joe! The 24V-HCSEC-LT 24V* Cordless Handheld Pruning Saw from Sun Joe. Get Equipped®.

  • BONUS CHAIN: Includes additional replacement chain
  • IONMAX 24-VOLT* SYSTEM includes 2.5 Ah lithium-ion battery + charger; battery recharges in just 5 hours
  • 230 W BRUSHLESS MOTOR runs cooler, quieter, and longer than traditional motors
  • 5" COMPACT BAR + CHAIN starts up with just the squeeze of a trigger
  • IDEAL FOR PRUNING green, growing branches, and woody stems up to 4½" thick
  • BUILT-IN SAFETY FEATURES include riving knife to prevent kick-back; a knuckle-guard handle, and a safety switch to prevent accidental starts
  • REFILLABLE OIL BOTTLE: 0.7 fl oz capacity
  • LIGHTWEIGHT + COMPACT at just 5½ lbs! SGS Listed/2-year warranty

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