Sun Joe 24V-TBP-LTE pole leaf blower with inset image of product in use
Attachements and accessories that come with the Sun Joe 24V-TBP-LTE pole leaf blower
Sun Joe IONMAX 2 in 1 handheld and pole blower
24V-TBP-LTE operates as a handheld or pole extended blower
78 MPH and 210 CFM airflow generated by 24V-TBP-LTE
Sun Joe 24V-TBP-LTE pole leaf blower with inset image of product in use
Sun Joe 24V-TBP-LTE pole leaf blower with inset image of product in use


Sun Joe 24V-TBP-LTE 2-in-1 Handheld + Pole Leaf Blower Kit | W/ 2.0-Ah Battery + Charger | Includes 3 Nozzle Connections

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Product Description

Introducing the SUN JOE® 24-Volt IONMAX™ 2-in-1 Handheld + Pole Leaf Blower, a quick and easy solution for all your yard cleanup needs. This remarkable tool combines the cordless convenience of a handheld blower with the extended reach of a pole blower, powered by the revolutionary IONMAX 24V Battery System. The standout feature of this tool is its interchangeability, which lets you switch on the fly from a handheld blower to a pole blower. This allows for an impressive maximum reach of 8 feet, making even the most inaccessible easy to clean. This feature significantly reduces the physical strain typically associated with yard work.


Powered by a 350W motor, the SUN JOE 2-in-1 blower boasts a maximum air speed of 78 mph and a peak air flow of 210 cubic feet per minute. Make quick work of various forms of yard debris including twigs, leaves, dirt, debris, and cut grass with the three interchangeable nozzle attachments (small tube, flat mouth tube, and bent tube) and the seven adjustable speed settings. This adaptability ensures precise control over the blower's performance, from light sweeping to powerful gusts, while the different attachments provide exactly the right nozzle for the task. The bent mouth attachment is especially helpful for cleaning hard-to-reach gutters and downspouts.


This SUN JOE 2-in-1 blower also comes with a 24V 2.0-Ah battery and charger to help build your IONMAX tool shed. Combine it with other tools in the IONMAX system for a cord-free, gas-free and hassle-free yard solution powered by a single battery, and upgrade with an extended runtime battery or quick charger for less downtime. With the 2-in-1 handheld + pole leaf blower, yard maintenance tasks become more manageable and efficient. Take your yardwork to the next level with Sun Joe’s 2-in-1 blower and GET EQUIPPED®.

  • CORDLESS CONVENIENCE: 24V IONMAX SYSTEM with 2.0-Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery + charger for gas-free, cord-free, hassle-free power-to-go!
  • 2-IN-1 CONVERTIBLE DESIGN: Swap from handheld blower to pole blower to do double duty  
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: 350W motor generates a max airspeed of 78 mph and peak air flow of 210 cfm to make yard cleanup a breeze
  • CUSTOMIZABLE POWER: Seven adjustable speed settings tackle multiple cleanup tasks around the home, yard, garden, and garage
  • EXTENDED REACH: Pole telescopes from 5.7ft-8ft for easy access to hard-to-reach areas with less strain
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: 3 interchangeable nozzles(small tube, flat mouth tube, and bent tube) sweep leaves, dirt, debris, twigs, grass clippings, gutters, downspouts and more! 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs only 6.6lbs to easily maneuver around your around  
  • WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED! Backed by Sun Joe’s rock-solid 2-Year Warranty + 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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